About the Alliance for Quality Improvement and Patient Safety

AQIPS is the leading national nonprofit professional association that assists its members to build a safer health care system. Many states’ peer review protections have been eroded – the protections do not cross state lines and are generally inadequate for the purpose of sharing information among unrelated entities. The Patient Safety and Quality Improvement Act of 2005 was passed to create a culture of safety by providing legal protection for quality information while permitting the sharing of best practices and other information to continuously improve the quality of patient care.

“PSOs are the only means to permit health care providers to investigate how they are providing patient care and how they can do a better job without fear of litigation or harm to professional reputation.  Many QI and safety programs look only at the whatwhereas a PSO can help health care professionals figure out the how, in an environment that reinforces professionalism and learning, to the benefit of patients. ” Angie Skretta, Board Member

AQIPS leads efforts to measurably improve patient safety and the quality of patient care by fostering the ability of PSOs to provide patient safety services to the health care system.

“Healthcare is bloated with data about patient care, but we are starved for wisdom on how to use that data to improve the quality of care. PSOs provide that wisdom.”
Carol Keohane, AMC PSO

PSOs support unique collaborations across providers to create a learning environment.

“The law allows what is really needed, that is, conversations where real-world learning is protected to enable practical solutions to be implemented at the bedside.”
Kathleen Martin, GE PSO

Central to AQIPS’s mission is to serve as a voice for the PSO Community to enhance quality improvement activities.